More Cloth Napkin/Placemat Sets

I am working on finishing up the Spring/Easter cloth napkin/placemat sets.  I have a goal to have a different set of cloth placemats/napkins for each season for our family.  This makes the third set out of the goal of four.  Next fall I hope to make the winter/Christmas set and then they will all be complete and I will be able to change out our table decor seasonally.

I like to make the placemats reversible, with one side seasonal and the other side holiday.  But I don’t like the napkins to be reversible so I make a separate set of napkins to match each side of the placemats.

Here are the newest additions:



I think that the spring set is my favorite of all the sets I have ever made!


Here are the other sets I have made so far:

Summer/Independence Day


3 thoughts on “More Cloth Napkin/Placemat Sets

  1. I have the same goal, eventually, once we have a house with a dining table again (we’re building the house this year). I especially love your summer set. Love the country feel. Keep up the good work.


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