Sunday Homestead Update

We are buried in snow up here in the high Rockies!

img_3391 img_3402

It is so beautiful, but also very cold.  🙂

Early in the storm you could still see my container herb garden.


But by the end we had 18 inches and the herb garden had completely disappeared.  It is to the right of the chicken coop in this photo.


Everything was thoroughly buried.


The goats were very unhappy about the situation…they stayed in the stall as much as possible and only came out to drink.


The sheep, however, enjoyed a romp around in the snow before they went back into the stall.

img_3385By the end of the storm, however, it got really bitterly cold.


And then the animals all stayed in the barn, which, with its insulation, plus the snow insulating the roof, and the body heat of the animals, was at 5F when it was -35F outside.  Everyone got extra feed, extra deep bedding, and indoor room-temp water.  Plus the chickens got hot mash morning and night.

The temps are starting to rise again, and are supposed to continue so that this week our daily temps will be in the 30s.  That will be nice.

Barn Remodel Phase 2

The cold weather and deep snow slowed down all our progress around the farm.  But we still finished phase 2 of the barn remodel – the upper coop.  We had previously moved the nest boxes so they were accessible from outside the coop.  This week we got the doors on the newly moved nest boxes, and then got the new feeder built and the new roosts in place.  The new feeder will hold an entire bag of feed, which will make caring for the chickens easier, just like being able to access the nest boxes from outside the coop will make collecting eggs easier.  The inside of the upper coop is now finished and ready for the chicks coming in February.


The previous gutter-style feeder.


The new gravity feeder that holds an entire bag of feed.

Heritage Arts

While it has been so cold outside it has been fun to work on some of our heritage arts projects.  Sunshine is doing an alphabet garden crosstitch.  It has different garden items for each alphabet letter.  And she is using the stand she got for Christmas.  She says it is very helpful and she likes using it very much.


And I am continuing my progress on the sweater for Mr. Smiles as well as the socks for Mtn Man.


It has been a blessed winter week on the farm!

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