Bye-Bye Pre-Processed Food

Ten years ago a few of us in the family were diagnosed with Celiac Disease and the entire family went gluten-free.  We have been gluten-free ever since.  Within two weeks of the diagnosis we were seeing huge changes in our health and lives, and by a month I was feeling better and looking better than I had in 8 years.

At first, it was really hard to eat gluten free.  Everything that came out of a package had gluten in it – dressings, sauces, canned food…everything.  So we had to just go totally off of pre-processed food.  The few foods we found that were pre-processed and GF tasted awful and were terribly expensive.  So we ate only things in their original form, or cooked or processed by us.  It was a wonderful and healthy change overall, whether we needed it for Celiac or not.  We stayed that way a long time, and the farm definitely helped improve the quality of what we were eating as well.

But alas, eating GF and unhealthy at the same time is getting easier and easier as there are more and more pre-processed, GF, unhealthy, reasonably priced foods available.  And the last two years of stress with our baby’s health and constant on-the-run to doctors and hospitals has pushed us in the direction of eating more and more of that junk.  Mtn Man and I have both gained weight and feel a definite decrease in our energy and overall well-being.

So, we have decided to go totally without pre-processed food for the next two months.  We are not considering organic pasteurized milk from the store and natural cheeses pre-processed, and we are also allowing gf pasta because I just really don’t have time to make pasta and I am Italian so going without would not be realistic ;-).  But besides those things, everything else needs to be in its original form or cooked by us.  To be reasonable we are allowing ourselves a few cheats each week.

We are expecting to come out of this feeling great and energetic and having lost the extra weight.  We are also expecting that once we have done this for two months, it will be easier to stay away from those foods as a whole in our lives again, like we used to.  So let the new eating adventure begin!

2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Pre-Processed Food

  1. I hear ya! I gave up wheat 2 1/2 years ago (for inflammation reasons), and the number of gf products has skyrocketed since then! And a lot of them actually taste good now. DEFINITELY harder to say no to the junk when “at least it doesn’t have wheat in it”.

    And I can totally relate to eating poorly when you are stressed and just don’t have time. As we are prepping our property to build our house, I have eaten way too many borderline and even fully junk foods just because I don’t have the time or energy to make something different.

    Good on you for making the decision to do something about it. You won’t regret it!


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