Homemade Christmas

I hope that all my readers who celebrate Christmas had a lovely one yesterday!  We really enjoyed our time together eating delicious food and giving homemade gifts to each other.

Speaking of Christmas gifts…

I can now finally share all the knitting I have been doing!

First are these socks for Young Man.  He LOVES home knit socks, which makes it all the more fun to make them for him.  These are made from Patons Kroy Socks in the colorway grey brown marl.  I used the OMG Spacious Heel pattern (Young Man’s favorite sock pattern) and did them toe-up two-at-a-time on two circulars.  The lighting in the photo gave everything a blueish tint, so it’s not a completely accurate color.


For Sunshine I made this hat.  It is a slouchy hat, so it looks strange flat on the ground but on her head it looks great.  The pattern was Oxalis by Calliliau Berangere on Ravelry.  The yarn was Yarn Bee Soft Secret Solids in Hot Turquoise.


Little Miss got two knit gifts this year since she will be milking the goats this winter and I wanted her to have something super-warm for her head.  So her milk-maid apparel is this balaclava.  It is the pattern Bailey Balaclava by Jenny Nicole on Ravelry.  I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Solids yarn in peacock and fig.  It is super warm and cozy and will be perfect for milking out in the barn in -20F temps.


Then I also made her, with the same yarn, this adorable owl hat using the pattern Owl Be There by Lauren Riker.  This is for her to wear when we go out and about – not in the barn.  🙂


Braveheart also got two knit gifts because he will be learning to milk this year too!  So he got the same balaclava with the same yarn but a different colorway.


And he also got a Ribby Neckwarmer made with Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash brown, that matches a hat I made him last year.


I shared last week the balaclava I made for Mr. Smiles.


So as you can see I did a lot of smaller projects for gifts this year.  I think last year’s dress for Little Miss knit out of sock weight yarn kind of overwhelmed me to the point of fear of doing something too big.  But it was worth it – she still loves to wear it to this day!

In addition to what I made, I want to share some of the wonderful things the rest of my family made as well.

Sunshine and Little Miss worked together to make this adorable full set of Winnie the Pooh crocheted stuffed animals for Mr. Smiles.  Tigger is not quite done yet.


Mtn Man and Young Man made this wonderful wooden cross stitch stand for Sunshine.


Little Miss crocheted this Amish Puzzle Ball Elephant for Sunshine.


Sunshine embroidered and made this Embroidery Envelope for Little Miss to keep her sewing tools in.

img_3333 img_3334

Mtn Man made me a Chinese Checkers board.


Sunshine made me this knitting needle organizer for my circular needles.

img_3309 img_3310

And though it isn’t homemade, it is homestead related so I’ll share it.  Young Man and Little Miss went in together and purchased Mtn Man and myself this awesome 3-gal fermenting crock.  We are very excited to put it to use!


Sunshine also sewed these PJ pants for Mtn Man, Young Man, and Braveheart.  She even used the serger for the first time to make nice inside seams!



Making homemade gifts for everyone makes our Christmases so special.  We all enjoy the build-up to the season as we spend late fall secretly constructing thoughtful presents for those closest to us.  And the children are just as excited, if not MORE excited, about giving that special present they spent so much time making as they are about getting gifts.  What a blessing!

2 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas

  1. Hand made gifts are always the best! Maria I usually make things for each other all year long so we didn’t do much for each other this year, especially since we just bought our land. We did give out some knives that I made and some of Maria’s sewn goods. Everything you’ve made looks great!

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