Sunday Homestead Update

Sorry for the silence!  We have been so busy with fall projects and life around here that I haven’t even been on the computer in a couple of weeks now.  It has been a wonderful season of accomplishing things around the property and farm, and enjoying the beautifully warm autumn weather we have been having.

So here is a peek at some of the things going on around the homestead…

The Flerd – Sheep and Goats

The three ewes have been taken to the breeder, where they will stay until mid December enjoying time with the ram and hopefully come back pregnant.  It is very strange with them gone.  The barn seems empty and chores are a little too easy.  🙂

The goats were a bit upset when the sheep left, but have settled in without the sheep around.  They are both doing well and we are looking forward to their upcoming ultrasounds.  Neither has come back into heat since they arrived, so they are most likely both pregnant.

Now that the sheep stall is vacant we can begin some of the barn remodeling we plan to do.  I will keep you posted on all of that.  The changes include some new feeders, two permanent lambing/kidding stalls, and a new milking stanchion.


Our last litter of rabbits from the buck that died is now at the adorable stage.  Unfortunately, mama bunny is super protective and aggressive about her kits, so we can only admire from afar.  She even attacked and bit Mtn Man while he was trying to put some hay in her cage.

img_2874 img_2876 img_2877


Mtn Man and Young man each successfully hunted a buck mule deer – adding two more animals worth of meat to our freezers.  The only tag we have left is Mtn Man’s for a cow elk.  He has until January to fill it, so he will hopefully be successful and we will be set for our red meat needs for the next year.

Mtn Man has some of the deer meat brining right now in preparation to go into the smokehouse.  It will be our first smokehouse experiment!  We are a bit nervous because with the warm weather the bears are still out and about.  We had one in the front yard one morning last week.  We will have to guard the smokehouse carefully during smoking next week when the meat is ready to go in.

He made some corned venison (like corned beef) by brining and then cooking some of the deer ribeye.  It turned out delicious!  We will definitely be doing that again with our game meat.

Poor Kitty!

Our indoor kitty, Mo, somehow forgot about the concept of the wood stove while it wasn’t going all summer.  As we have started having fires in it this fall, we figured he knew from last year that it was hot.  Unfortunately, he jumped up on top of it while it was hot and burned his paws.  Poor kitty.  He was not feeling well for a few days but they are healed now and looking good.


Baby Gate

Mr. Smiles is getting around the house now – it was time for a baby gate at the top of the stairs.  Mtn Man made a beautiful gate that matched the banister he made last year, and it will keep our little man safe from falling down the stairs.


Operation Christmas Child

The 4 older kids wanted to help out with Operation Christmas Child.  Our church packs boxes each year to donate.  The kids decided to sew and assemble 100 drawstring backpacks to put in the boxes.  They worked so hard on the project, from raising money for the supplies to the actual making of all the backpacks.  They finished them this week and are very excited about giving them to needy kids in other countries.


We have a lot of farm-project finishing coming up in the next few weeks, it will be fun to share them with you as we complete each item.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. Wow, what an achievement with those backpacks! What a great initiative for the kids to be involved in. That must’ve been quite an undertaking. Love the look of your baby gate – has to be the best looking baby gate anywhere. And the rabbit kittens are super cute. Pity mum rabbit isn’t keen on sharing them for cuddles…


  2. I’m pretty much gonna say the same thing as Julie hehe. The wee rabbits are so cute! And I just love the gate and banister! The rustic style is right up my alley. Can Mtn Man teach my husband how to make them? 😉 And… What an awesome effort your kids made with the backpacks! That is an amazing way for them to serve those in need and very inspiring. 🙂


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