Another Bear Visit

We had another bear visit Saturday night.  He decided he wanted a chicken dinner.


We heard the dogs barking like crazy around 2 am.  Husband took his flashlight and gun and went out to see what was up.  The bear fled as soon as he headed out, which is a blessing because around here they are becoming more and more acclimated to humans which is not good.

The bear pulled off some of the wood and tore a hole in the wire of the upper coop.  This is exactly why we ALWAYS close all the animals fully inside EVERY night.  And why it is so important to build livestock housing as predator-proof as possible here in the mountains. 

Since the chickens were closed into the coop, not the pen, he didn’t get what he wanted.  But he will probably be back – that is what they do.  Hopefully he will continue to be left without a meal and eventually move on to easier food sources.  For now, we have some pen patching to do.

9 thoughts on “Another Bear Visit

  1. Ugh! We are lucky that our bear hasn’t come back lately. Our bear prey is actually our beehives! We don’t have dogs, but our neighbor has plenty that roam our property (win for us – we get protection yet don’t have to pay for dog food or vet bills!) and we have heard them on the prowl at night lately. A couple weeks ago we heard them barking up a storm and about 15 minutes later smelled the distinct odor of skunk!

    Good luck keeping your chickens safe. I have heard that solar powered electric shock wires work well with bears and raccoons.


    • My in-laws who live near us tried electricity like that to deter bears from their trash. Unfortunately, the bears would hit the wire hard once, taking the initial shock, but breaking the wire so it wouldn’t shock anymore and they could have-at the trash. Pretty smart critters!


  2. Those bears are so persistent! It’s definitely motivation to lock your animals properly each and every night. You’d think the bears would just move on, looking for food that was easier to access. Our predators and pests aren’t anywhere near as determined.


    • Unfortunately, we have many generations of garbage fed bears that barely know how to eat naturally anymore. Our area is finally trying to do something about it now that the bears have been bold enough in recent years to break into homes and cars regularly. But I think the efforts will have to be consistent for many years before the problem is fixed since it has been going on so long.
      We have been very consistent with our bear prevention so that they tend to leave us alone and move on to easier targets, which there are plenty of. Hopefully that will continue to keep our animals safe. But we do get some damage each year from them anyway.


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