Sunday Homestead Update

It has been a long week, but we have come through it and are hanging on.  The baby’s surgery went perfectly and he recovered SO well.  This was definitely his fastest recovery out of the four surgeries he has had thus far.  Now we have a two-month break before we have to head back into the surgery room.  We are going to soak in that time as much as we can and just enjoy life on the farm.


Justice kindled last Sunday afternoon.  10 healthy kits all in the nest!!!  Good mama!  There is a mix of colors (as always when we breed Justice x Uncle Sam) with some whites, browns, greys, and blacks.  It looks like the majority of them are black.  She is taking good care of them.

day 2 (2)

Corn “Field”

The corn experiment is doing well.  The tallest plants are about 12 inches now, the shortest just a few inches.  The sheep broke into the field this week and cropped the tops of some of them and crushed some with their feet, but Finley, our young farm collie, herded them out of there.  We have never taught him that, he is just smart enough to see that we had fenced off that area and he just seems to know that they aren’t allowed there.  He is turning into such an excellent farm dog.  Tundra, our lead farm dog, was fenced in a different area at the time.



We butchered this year’s cockerels and a few of the older hens that had stopped laying, so our freezer is stocked back up with chicken.  We now have 6 hens living in the lower coop and 6 in the upper coop.  Come fall we plan to keep the 6 best layers of the group and the rest will go.  That way we can have a very simplified chicken care situation with just the lower coop through the winter.  We are hopeful by spring the baby’s health will be much better and we can build up the flock again.


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