Sunday Homestead Update

It has been a nice week here on the farm.  The gardens are growing and the animals are all doing well.  We have had some new additions to the farm, both in the tool variety and in the livestock variety, which will be discussed later this week.  The pine pollen is flying and making us all a bit crazy…but that is part of June life in the Rockies.

Corn “Field” and Oats Field Patch?

Husband is experimenting with growing grains.  We have no experience, nor can we find anyone with any, at growing grains in our climate and altitude.  So he did some research and bought some very short season seeds and we are going to see how it goes.

For the experiment he fenced off the lower part of the barnyard and has planted the corn seeds in it.  The soil there is excellent fertile compost leftovers mixed with topsoil.  Hopefully that will work well.

And he planted some oat seeds in a little 4×4 foot square raised bed that we used last year for my turnip experiment.

We will see how they do!

Knitting Projects

I have two knitting projects going right now.

First, a shawl knit from yarn that was made from wool from our sheep Fiona.  Once completed this will be the first project made with wool from our own sheep, so we are all very excited about it.  The wool is lovely to work with, it is worsted weight and squishibly soft.  The pattern is Farmhouse Shawl by cabinfour.


The second project is my first ever socks knit with hand-dyed yarn.  I am learning that hand-dyed yarn has enough variation throughout the skein that using it to make a pair of socks leaves you with socks that don’t exactly match each other.  As you can see in the picture, one is a lot brighter than the other, even though these are both coming from the same skein of yarn.


It’s OK, I will still enjoy wearing them, but I am not sure I will do socks with hand-dyed yarn again.  I do love this color of yarn, it is by MarigoldJen.

We are heading into another week of nice weather.  I wonder what adventures it will bring us?

One thought on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. The socks are perfect! Yes, hand dyed is different – but it is obviously the same pair of socks you are creating – KUDOS! We now live in Brush, CO. Used to live in Denver suburb, before that Wisconsin. Had all kinds of grains, corn, beans and peas as a kid on a 80-acre farm. We now have friends that live up in Bailey and Central City areas that are open to trying everything in their gardens. The altitude does matter, but so does the growing season. Picking short season seeds is an excellent idea! Cant wait to hear/see how it goes for you – good luck!


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