Pallet-Wood Walkway Update

Last summer my husband built a beautiful walkway for our backyard with pallet wood.  You can read about it here.

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We needed a solution for the path that we walked several times a day to get to the gardens, coops, and barn.  And it needed to be good through the winter too, as we go to the barn and coops several times a day all winter as well.  Being that much of it is on the north side of buildings we needed to be able to easily shovel and keep it passable even when we had 3 feet of snow on the ground.  So he used free pallet wood and built this walkway.  How did it do in its first year and what does it look like now?

As far as ease of use it did great!  It was easy to shovel and keep passable all winter and did NOT leave us with dangerously slick frozen spots like we had previous years.  We were very happy using it year-round.

As for how it held up – we are very pleased with that as well.  Here are some photos.


The walkway in the top half of the pic is exposed to all the elements. The bottom half is under the patio roof and only gets sun, no moisture on it.


The area with the worst moisture damage


Upper section is under the patio roof, you can see the difference in the part that was snowed and rained on.


You can see that certain spots took the brunt of the wear and tear and moisture.  There is some water damage.  Husband used a water-based sealant (mistake) and will be re-coating it with an oil-based sealant this summer.  Hopefully that will help it hold up better this coming winter.

Overall, the pallet walkway has been an amazing addition to our farm and we are so glad we decided to put it in.  It has made caring for our gardens and animals much easier.  It was free since we used pallet wood.  Plus it is nice to look at and makes the space feel tidy and well-done.

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