Getting Started With Meat Rabbits Series

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Raising meat rabbits is becoming more and more popular among backyard homesteaders these days and is a great option no matter what country you live in around the world.  Rabbits are an extremely efficient source of meat and fit on almost any size homestead.  They don’t take up much space can be raised in anything from a barn to a garage, shed, or even an extra bedroom for those who don’t have much property.  Their feed conversion ratio (how much feed it takes to produce how much meat) is very good and the meat is nutritious and can be used in most all the ways chicken is used.

In addition to human consumption, there is also the raw pet food aspect.  Many people feed their dogs a raw food diet, and rabbit is one of the best options for that as well.

With that in mind we decided to do a series on how to get started raising meat rabbits.  We have been raising them off and on for over 8 years now and know the ins and outs of it.  We have learned from books, other homesteaders, and our own experiences.  We thought our readers would enjoy a complete series that can help them start and raise meat rabbits successfully on their own homestead.

As we add posts I will add clickable links below for each post in the series.

So let’s get started with raising meat rabbits!

Post #1: Housing

Post #2: Feeding and Watering

Post #3: Buying Breeding Stock

Post #4: Breeding

Post #5: Pregnancy and Kindling

Post #6: Birth to Weaning


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