Sunday Homestead Update

We have had a wonderful December around here.  There have been ups and downs, but we continue to enjoy the journey.  I have been so busy with Christmas knitting, the homestead, and the children that there hasn’t been any time to catch up the blog.  I will try to sum it all up in this post.

The baby continues to have health issues and we have spent much of December, and will spend much of January, at the children’s hospital in Denver.  It is a long drive from where we live, which has caused some life adjustments, but we are so thankful to have good medical care for our little guy.  We are hopeful he will be doing a lot better by the end of January after he has some surgeries and procedures done.

I FINALLY finished the Christmas dress I started knitting for my daughter back in July.  Glad I started back in the summer!  I was able to give it to her Christmas Eve to wear to the church service.  She really loves it, and it looks wonderful on her, which makes all 75,000+ stitches worth it!

20151222_214453_resized 20151222_214513_resized

The pattern was Goldilocks by Justyna Lorkowska on Ravelry.  The yarn was Deborah Norville Serenity Sockweight in Burgundy.  I am really happy with it, and glad I tackled such a huge project, but must admit that I am going to be doing a lot of smaller projects for a while.  I like to have the satisfaction of a finished project faster than 5 months, and with the baby my knitting time is limited.  So lots of socks, hats, cowls, will be my focus for the next several months.  And I am also sitting down to the spinning wheel now that Christmas presents are done.  I have a spinning project that has been on the wheel for a year or more now because I haven’t spun much at all this last year.  I am almost finished with it and hope to get it done soon.

I also finished socks for oldest son for Christmas.  I tried the OMG Spacious Heel pattern for the first time.  I tried it on (his feet are the same size as mine now) and did not like the feel of the heel.  But he absolutely loves the feel of it.  So I will continue to use it for his socks in the future, but stick with the OMG heel (not spacious), or my basic heel for my own socks.  This yarn was Patons Kroy Socks FX in the colorway Cascade.  I continue to love using Patons Kroy for socks.





Our young buck, Uncle Sam, has proven himself!  Indi (our proven Rex x Silver fox mix doe) kindled a litter last night.  She is such a great mom, she put all the kits in the nest and covered them up with plenty of fur, which is good because we were down to 0F last night.  Because it is so cold we didn’t dig around much in the nest, but it looks to be a litter of 6 or 7 healthy kits.  We will take a better look in the next few days when we find a warmer moment to look.



Justice (our other Rex x Silver Fox mix doe) is due to kindle her first litter this week.  We hope she took and successfully puts all the kits into the nest.  We purposefully bred her close to the same time as Indi so that we can foster if needed since she hasn’t proven herself as a mother yet.



We will be breeding Uncle Sam to Liberty again this week.  Last breeding of that pair didn’t take because Uncle Sam hadn’t figured it all out yet.  But now that he is proven we will try them again.

It is fun to have some new life on the farm, especially during the winter when it is rare.


Fiona and Stella will be coming back from the breeder this week.  Hopefully they both got pregnant.  We haven’t decided yet if we will splurge and get the ultrasounds or just do blood draws.  We weren’t able to get in on the breeders ultrasounds this year because of timing.

It will be nice to have the full flock back together again.  The ewe lambs have done well without their mamas, but I think they will be very happy to have them back.


We finished butchering the cockerels and are down to only two males.  We put those two in with the flock of hens and pullets and are watching and waiting to decide which one gets to stay and be our new breeding roo.  We are watching for how well they treat the hens, their behavior with humans, their breeding abilities, and how their conformation finishes up as they fill out into their adult size.

It has been really nice to only have one pen and coop of chickens.  Especially with the cold weather it makes caring for them so much easier.


As we finish up the holidays and close in on a new year we have already begun discussions about next year’s garden plans.  It is fun to start thinking about it, even though we still have months of cold weather before we get to start.

I am hoping to get our Year End review done this week so we can look back and see what our homestead has accomplished this year.  It is always fun to look back, and then look forward and make goals.

Merry Christmas….and Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. That dress is beautiful – absolutely gorgeous! Well worth your time, I must say. So glad the rabbits are doing well. Every time I read one of your posts about rabbits, I consider whether I could raise rabbits for meat. Not sure, since I still have that cute little bunny mentality. Still praying for your little one – so know that warm thoughts are coming your way! Have a wonderful New Year!


    • Thank you for your prayers! You definitely have to get into a certain state of mind to raise rabbits (or any animal) for meat. There is a division in my mind between livestock and pets. My angora rabbit is a pet, I could never use him for meat. Whereas the meat rabbits in the barn are livestock and we all know they are destined for food. It is still hard when it comes butcher time, whether it is a chicken, rabbit, sheep, or cow, it is not without some heartache. But I think that is good because it means we respect the animal and the purpose they serve for us. If we get to the point that it isn’t hard to butcher them I will be concerned about our state of mind.


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