Vintage Knit Christmas Stockings

Life has been very busy at our little homestead.  Thus the lack of posts.

But despite the busy-ness, I still was able to finish the Christmas stocking for the new baby in time for Christmas decorating!

20151206_160929 (2)

***Note:  I purposely blurred the names off the stockings in the photos.  They have names colorwork knitted into the top color block of them.

This pattern is from the 70s or so, and my Nana made them for all of my family when I was little.  I loved the vintage feel of these stockings so much (not to mention the sentimental feel) that I took the old ones from my childhood and used them to copy and make new ones.  I must admit, I did not knit all of these, I had some knit by someone else years ago, before I knew how to knit, but since then I have written up the pattern from the old ones and I have made the most recent ones.

20151206_131151 (3)

I smile every time I see our little “clothesline” of vintage stockings.  🙂

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