Sunday Homestead Update

We have had snow, wind, and animal visitors this week.

Our first visitor was before the cold weather hit.  A buck mule deer came to the porch to enjoy one of our pumpkins.

20151107_154153_resized 20151107_154143_resized 20151107_141135_resized

Then, as the temperatures dropped and the snow began to fall we had a visitor beckoning us from the door.  Begging to be let in to the warm house.  It was our barn cat, Midnight.

20151111_132030_resized 20151111_144317_resized 20151104_150845_resized

As you can see, he wasted no time getting comfortable in puddles of sunshine, or on his back, or next to me while I was knitting on Baby’s Christmas stocking.

We have also had a large herd (200+) of elk coming through the property each day.  One day they even ran through at full stampede, which was amazing to watch.  I don’t know what got them so upset and running.


We got a good 6-8 inches or so of wet snow, which thoroughly stuck to the fishing line “web” above the barnyard, as well as the deer-proof back yard fencing.

20151111_064356_resized 20151111_064408_resized

With the winter weather settling in, we have been prepping the animals by getting the heated waterers set up and making sure everyone has good deep bedding.  We are rotating rabbit water bottles inside to thaw each morning.  Our winter routine is beginning to set in.  We have also been working on knitting, crafting, and organizing projects inside, as well as planning for the holidays.  We are also all enjoying getting to know our new farm addition, Tess.


Another storm is moving in this week, we are glad to be warm and cozy by the fire.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. I love Midnite – such a beautiful cat! Here is a question for you: can you hunt the elk that cross on your property, or do you need a special permit for that? Beautiful pictures. We had our first snow last weekend and may get a bit more tonight. It sure is beautiful, but cold!


    • You must have a hunting license to hunt the elk. In CO you apply for the specific licenses you want in April. Then they draw to see who gets a license for what and which season. This year husband and son each were drawn for one buck (male mule deer) and one cow (female elk). Then sometimes after the draw there are some extra liscenses that go on sale at a specific time. This year husband and son each were able to buy one doe (female mule deer) liscense. The liscences also specify if they are for private land only, or private and public land. So, in short, if we have a license for that type of animal, during that time period, and it walks across our property, and we have a good, safe shot, we can hunt it.

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