I figured it was time for another update on Finley, our Old-Time Scotch Collie working farm dog.


Finley now



Finley, November of last year

He is closing in on 18-months-old now and is maturing nicely.  He is going through a bit of a skinny stage, despite being free-fed high-quality puppy food.  He is such an active working dog that we find it hard to keep weight on him at this point.  He is always moving around the barnyard, checking on things and making sure everything is in order.

We brought him indoors last week for a few days to do some extra finishing training on his manners with humans, as well as his responses to everyone.   He did great and there wasn’t much that needed finishing.

He has really bonded strongly to my husband, which is wonderful and exactly what we wanted.  He responds to him very quickly and without hesitation.  He would rather be with my husband than anyone else and wants to please him.


Bringing him in gave him some extra exposure to the kids and I to be sure he learns to respond to commands from all of us.  It didn’t take long for him to figure it out and we were again amazed at how smart and biddable this breed of dog is.  He is such a sweetie and loves being pet and loved on.  He is excellent with all the kids, and enjoyed giving the baby a good (and gentle) sniff over – his first real time meeting the baby.  He enjoyed his time indoors, especially getting to “vacuum” up the crumbs on the floor after the kids ate.  But it was clear he really enjoys his work outside and wanted to be out there working, as opposed to laying around while we did school and such.  He is definitely a working dog.

When we put him back out in the barnyard, Tundra, our older working farm dog, was very happy to see him.  It seems they like working as a team together, younger following older and learning from him.  We are so glad with how Fin is turning out.  The Scotch Collie really is an excellent choice of dog breed for small backyard farms.


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