Sunday Homestead Update

We have had a nice week around the farm this week.  The weather has turned a lot cooler and we had our first snow.


Husband sheared Oliver, our Angora rabbit, this week.  The Angora fiber is really starting to pile up around here from the last year and a half of owning Oliver.  One of these days we need to get a drum carder and I can start working with it and our sheep wool.

20151031_161845_resized 20151031_170215_resized

I set up our grow-light box and put some of my herbs in it.  The colder weather and shorter daylight in our living room has left them all floundering a bit.  I decided to give them a boost in the box for a while and then I will put them back out in the living room windows.


Back in September I decided to order the Stockinette Zombies birthday kit (a yearly kit you can order that you don’t know exactly what you will get except that it will include a skein of yarn and a project bag).  It came this week and I was so excited to see what I got.  I LOVE the yarn and am dreaming of what to make with it once I complete the Christmas knitting.


We went through the chicken flock this week and decided who will stay and who will go (you can read about why we are downsizing here).  I already have 8 of the hens/pullets sold, 5 left to sell.  We have 12 cockerels to butcher in the next couple of weeks, plus a few older hens.  Then we will be down to our new flock.


Oldest son filled his third and final hunting tag for this year on a nice sized cow elk.  We are so blessed for all of the meat in the freezer, and son is very proud to be providing the family with food for the first time.

The upcoming weeks have some exciting farm happenings that we are all looking forward to and will share with you as they occur.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. We are finally getting some cooler temps and rain here in California. Woohoo! I have a few questions for you: 1. do you butcher your own meat? and 2. Won’t the rabbit be cold now that you have sheared it and the weather is colder? Obviously I have a lot to learn and you and your family are lightyears ahead of my husband and I when it comes to living a self sustaining lifestyle! Thanks


    • Yes, we do all our own butchering. Occassionally, when we have some extra money, we will take our deer or elk to the processor, but that is not common.
      As far as the rabbit being cold…rabbits actually do quite well with cold, it is heat that negatively effects them. Additionally, Oliver lives in our mud room, not the barn. The mud room rarely ever gets below 40 degrees and that is during the coldest part of the winter when it is below 0 outside. Also, his coat completely grows back and is ready to shear again in only 10 weeks. So he is only very short furred for a week or two. When we shear him in the coldest part of winter we put an electric space heater in the mud room for the first week after shearing. But this time of year is no big deal at all, he actually seems happy to be free from the heavy coat.


    • I am hoping to blend it in with my merino wool before spinning. And I am not a good enough spinner yet to do it right from the rabbit. But I think it is amazing the women who can spin it like that. I am sure your yarn is oh-so-soft!

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