Young Hunter and Rabbits

We have been doing a lot of butchering around here the last week.

First, and most exciting for our family, is that our 12-year-old son shot his first ever deer.  He was so excited to finally be old enough to hunt, and has practiced and waited and waited and waited some more.  Finally, last week he had an opportunity at a good safe shot and he brought home a doe to feed our family.  It was a perfect shot too.  We got 49 lbs of meat off of her and it feels great to have some game meat in the freezer again.  We generally run out by mid summer from the previous fall’s hunting season.  Both son and husband still have more tags to fill, so we are hopeful to put more deer and elk meat away before the season ends.

Also, our first litter of rabbits this year got to butcher weight this week.  There were 4 of them (the 5th was traded for the stud fee on a breeding for one of our does).  We are very happy to have rabbit meat again, it has been a few years now since we last were raising meat rabbits.

Lastly, we had a couple older hens that were on the docket to be culled.  We were waiting for them to start molting so that we could get as many eggs as possible.  The last few weeks the molt has started, so we butchered those three hens as well.

It is always nice to be putting up meat in the freezer to provide for our family!

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