Canning Review 2015

I am actually quite surprised at how much we were able to can this year, particularly because our baby arrived in the middle of canning season.  The credit needs to go to my husband, he has done a ton of loads by himself late at night to get it all put up after I gave up when the baby arrived.  Such a great guy!!!


Besides canning we also froze the 36 lbs of carrots we harvested from the garden this year (give or take since we ate some fresh).  I don’t know how many 2 cup bags it ended up being, but it was definitely more than last year and last year’s amount lasted us all through the winter and spring, so we have at least a year’s worth of carrots frozen.


Here are the canning totals for the year:

Apples slices in honey syrup – 24 quarts

Dill Pickles – 18 quarts

Pear slices in honey – 12 quarts

Stewed tomatoes – 36 quarts

Tomato sauce – 6 pints

Green Beans – 36 pints

Dill Pickled Green Tomatoes – 12 pints

Sweet pickles – 14 pints


For a total of the equivalent of 124 quarts of food canned!  This is down from last year, but not bad when you consider we were in the middle of adopting a baby during canning season.  🙂

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