An Early Morning Surprise

With the new baby home I only get out to the garden 1 or 2 times a week to check on the progress of the lettuce and carrot seed plants, and the leeks and onions.  This morning I was greeted by a wonderful sight.


Those poof balls are lettuce seeds ready to harvest!  This is our first year that we have successfully harvested lettuce seeds.  Previously the season was just too short to get them.  But we have had a mild fall, so they made it!

I pinched off each little poof ball, and on the other end of each was a cluster of seeds.  They are like dandelions, each seed has its own individual tiny piece of fluff to fly away on.  I rubbed the puff balls gently in a bowl to remove the fluff from the seeds.  Then I blew very gently above the seeds while jiggling the bowl a little and the fluff all blew away, leaving the seeds behind.


What a wonderful morning gift!  Our own saved lettuce seeds.

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