Garden Review 2015

We had an outstanding garden harvest this year.  It was much better than last year, and we thought last year was amazing.  There are still a few thing in the ground – garlic, onions, leeks, and seed lettuce.  And we haven’t put everything to bed for winter yet.  But I have all the other harvest amounts calculated and decided to go ahead and post it now.


Some items were weighed, others (like herbs) I just give a general amount based on our usage (plenty, very good, good, pretty good, poor).  And some items, though they could have been weighed, didn’t get weighed because we are busy with the new baby.  This is especially true for the saved seeds.  Just not enough time to worry about exactly how much we got.

So here are the harvest stats for 2015:


I don’t have amounts, but we successfully saved seeds from tomatoes, beans, peas, and carrots this year.  We are still waiting to see if the lettuce seeds will make it in time.


Basil – plenty, and still have live plant indoors for winter

Beans – 17.5 lbs, 0.02 lbs per plant (down quite a bit from last year’s 28 lbs and 0.03 lbs per plant), all three varieties this year performed equally.

Beets – terribly pathetic amounts, most likely because we put them in the screen box on the opposite side of the house and I forgot to water them.  However, the screen box kept pests away, so next year they will go in a screen tent in the main garden and get watered by the drip system.

Cabbage – PLENTY, but didn’t weigh them.  Both varieties produced equally well, but we prefered the taste of the Earliana.

Carrot – 36 lbs (up 6 lbs from last year)

Celery – 6.3 lbs, this experiment was a huge success, will definitely plant again next year.

Cilantro – not good, but we did harvest some coriander seeds from it.

Cucumbers – 1 lb – I have finally accepted that I can’t grow cucs here and I am giving up.  8 years of trying and getting a pound or so a year and I am done.  No more cucs.  I can get some great ones at the local farmers market anyway.

Dill – 2 heads (this was an experiment, we planted some seeds I kept off of some farmer’s market dill last year, we only had one sprout, but it did give us two heads for our dill pickles.  We will be planting a lot more next year.)

Leeks – not as well as we hoped, but they are still in the ground.

Lettuce – plenty for salads several times a week all summer and shared with friends.

Melon – this experiment was a big flop, will try again next year.

Mint – plenty

Onions – still in garden, but looks like they did very well.

Oregano – plenty

Parsley – plenty

Pea (sweet) – didn’t measure, but was another bad year for peas.  HOWEVER, the new variety I tried (Maestro) definitely produced at least double what the Dakota’s did.  So next year will be all Maestro.  And I was able to save seeds from them too, so that is good.

Pea (snap) – plenty for fresh eating until the vole killed them mid-season.

Potato – another bad year – the crate and plastic bin methods, and the newspaper method have NOT worked for us.  Next year we will try the basic right-in-the-ground method.

Pumpkin – 10 lbs (we usually don’t get any at all, and if so we just get one or two tiny ones, so this is great).

Rhubarb – the experiment of planting rhubarb seeds gathered from someone else’s local plant last year worked well.  We have two healthy rhubarb plants now.  We did not harvest from them this year since it is their first year and they need to get established.

Sage – plenty

Spinach – not so good, but they were on the opposite side of the house in a pest repellent tent and while the tent did keep the pests out, I didn’t water them enough.  Next year they will be in a tent in the main garden.

Winter Squash – 7 lbs (like the pumpkins we usually don’t get much at all, so we are happy with this).

Strawberries – 5 lbs (way up from last year because the patch is getting established now)

Tomatoes – 183 lbs, avg 9.2 lbs per plant (more than double last year and with fewer plants!!!  Last year was 75 lbs and avg 2.4 lbs per plant)

Turnip – see beets above, same story, same plan for next year.

Zuccini – 3.5 lbs

Berry Bushes – This year was not good for berries.  The honeyberries didn’t produce at all.  The currants all gave us very small amounts.  Hopefully next year will be better.


For a grand total of over 269 lbs of produce from the gardens!!!  What a great year!

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