Sunday Homestead Update

We had a crazy week, most of which didn’t have anything to do with the farm, but made getting things done around here a little more time crunched.

However, we did accomplish quite a bit.  The frosts keep coming, so we have finished off harvesting everything in the garden except the seed carrots, seed lettuce, and the onions.  So we pulled all the beans and finished canning them.  Pulled the last of the carrots and froze them.  And pulled the seed beans and seed peas and hung them in the basement to dry.

The tomatoes continue to ripen in the basement at a surprising rate, so nearly every night we canned a load of tomatoes.

And we got our 2nd load of hay home and put up in the hay loft.  One small load left and we will be ready for winter.

It is a great relief that we accomplished that all this week because tomorrow something VERY exciting is happening at Willow Creek Farm.  I will post afterwards to share the excitement with you all.

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