Handiwork Update

Despite the busy time of year in the garden, barnyard, and around the homestead, my daughters and I still always have handiwork that we are working on.

My knitting projects right now are bigger more complicated ones than usual, so they will take a while to finish.

First I am making the Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu.


I am really enjoying how the yarn is shifting color.  And I am excited to see how the lace looks once it is blocked out.  Currently it is so squished up that it is hard to really see the pattern.


Earlier this summer I finished a Goldilocks dress by Justyna Lorkowska in the 9-month-old size that I absolutely loved.  So I decided to make another one for youngest daughter for Christmas.  This one will be the 9-10 year-old size.


I also have a couple of smaller projects I have been doing.  First, I just finished this “Antler Hat” pattern by tincanknits.  It is currently blocking.


And I always have a pair of socks on the needles – socks are my favorite.  These are just basic plain socks with a k1p1 ribbing for the leg.  I normally line up the yarn striping so the socks match, but for this pair I decided to just go with the yarn exactly how it came of the ball and see how they look.


Youngest daughter just finished crocheting an “Olaf” doll.


She is my daughter that always has 100 different projects going at once.  So I just grabbed one of the many things she is working on to show you, these adorable baby socks.


While oldest daughter does enjoy knitting and crochet, they have never been things she truly loves to do.  She recently tried her hand at cross stitch and has really found her passion.  She just finished this bookmark.


And she has now started a large wall hanging.  It has every letter of the alphabet with garden items at each letter that start with that letter.  She hasn’t gotten far yet, but it is turning out nice so far.


That’s a little peek into the handiwork the girls and I have been working on in the last month or so.  I can’t wait to show you the finished pieces!


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