Managing Rabbits Series Round 2

Our most popular posts on this blog are our series on how we manage our meat rabbits.  In celebration of the fact that we are back to raising meat rabbits again, I have decided to re-post the managing rabbits series over the next few weeks.  If you have been with us long enough to have seen it before, I hope you still enjoy it the second time through, and if you are new to Willow Creek Farm I hope you can glean something from this series of posts.  As I post them I will edit them and change them if I find anything that we do differently now than we used to.  So some of the posts might differ slightly from the originals.

Here is the introduction post we used last time we started our managing rabbits series back in spring 2013:

We have been raising meat rabbits on and off over the last 5 years.  Since we are on the topic of rabbits lately with the latest litter being born and following along with their growth, I have decided that I would like to share the ins and outs of how we raise our rabbits here at Willow Creek Farm and why we do it that way.  I will cover topics such as housing, feeding, breeding, kindling (giving birth), weaning, etc.

There are a million different opinions and ways to raise and breed rabbits out there.  I want to share what works for us in the hopes that it might be helpful, useful, or just interesting information to someone.

Watch for these posts spread over the next several weeks!

Housing and Feeding

Buying and Breeding


Birth to Weaning

Weaning and Growing Out


Also, check out our newest rabbit series:  Getting Started With Meat Rabbits

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