Sunday Homestead Update

In the Garden

It is amazing what a difference a warm week with afternoon showers can make for gardens.  Everything in our gardens is really taking off like crazy this week.  It looks so green and lush around here, it is wonderful!




Last year the strawberry patch was just getting established and we only harvested about 1/2 lb of strawberries the whole season.  This year it is in full swing.  We have already harvested 1.5 lbs of strawberries in just two days.  They are deliciously sweet and we are enjoying them fresh each day for snack.

Unfortunately, the night before the first day they were ripe and ready to pick, some sort of critter got to many of them before us and sampled a few bites of each.  So we are harvesting some of them a little under-ripe to save them from the critter, but they are still wonderfully sweet and delicious.




The two ewe lambs, Violet and Lily, got their jackets this week.  It was time to jacket them since their fleece are getting longer now and starting to collect organic matter in them.  The jackets will keep the fleece cleaner and prevent staining and fading.

It was so cute because when we first put them on them they were examining each other, as if to say “what is that on you!?”  And they nibbled at each other’s jackets and sniffed them.  Then they seem to figure out that they too had a jacket on so they started trying to sniff and nibble their own jackets, which just led them to walk in tight circles, almost like a puppy chasing its tail, which was hilarious.






Yep, our little farm is getting back into raising meat rabbits again.  We have been without them for about a year and a half now, and we definitely missed having them around.  Oldest daughter and youngest son decided they really wanted to raise rabbits for the family (oldest son used to be the one who raised them and had a side business selling for pet consumption).  We are not going to get back into the pet food business, but just raise them for our own use.

So far they have acquired two does, both are Rex/Silver Fox crosses.  They are planning to add a buck and another doe to the herd soon.  One of the does they currently have is only 8 weeks old, but the other one is over 6 months.  So we are hoping to put the older one in with our friend’s buck for breeding so we can get going with production sooner rather than wait for our own buck.

We are excited to be back into meat rabbits and looking forward to the provision of more white meat for the family.


I finished two knitting projects this week.  First, a baby snuggle sack (also called a baby cocoon).  The pattern was “Owlie Sleep Sack” by Teresa Cole.  The yarn was Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in the colorway Beach. I love how it turned out!  The yarn is so smooth and soft.  I can’t wait to use it.


I also finished my son’s birthday socks.  His birthday was back in the spring…I am waaaaaay behind on them.  I actually got them 3/4 done by his birthday, but then after that they just sat for months while I worked on baby stuff.  Oh, well, at least he has them now.  I made them two-at-a-time, toe-up, on two circulars.  This was the second pair of socks I have made with the “OMG Heel” pattern by Meghan Williams.  I liked the heel pattern much better when I did it cuff-down than with these toe-up socks.  But I am happy with the finished product, and so is my son.  The yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity Socks in the colorway Picasso Marble.



It is hard to believe we are already into July, this summer is flying by for our family.  But it has been nice this weekend to slow down and just enjoy life on the homestead.

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