Sunday Homestead Update

In the Gardens

The gardens have really taken off this week!  It is fun to see so much growth and the promise of so much food.  We have strawberries coming on like crazy.

20150626_133802 20150626_133745

The cabbage and seed carrots are SO happy in their little tent.  So far no pest damage to the cabbage at all, but we are just barely starting our pest season here.


The tangerine tree my family gave me for Mother’s Day has two blossoms on it!


The spinach is also happy in its tent, and no pest damage to it either!


We will be harvesting our first produce from the garden this week!  The lettuce and spinach are now ready for light harvesting, so tomorrow we will enjoy our first from-our-garden salad of the year.

20150626_164943 20150626_164935

In the Barnyard

The lambs are getting so big now!  We ended up decided not to early wean them, and have left them nursing.  The ewe’s milk is drying up naturally and it looks like the ewes might just wean them for us.  If they don’t we will take it into our own hands later this summer.


Finley and Tundra are hard at work guarding everybody.


And hard at play as well.


In the Coops

Eve and Banana are both setting on their eggs.  And we put several in the incubator to make up for the low fertility we are expecting with this round since the rooster is with about 20 hens.  Later this week we will take what is fertile in the bator and put it under the hens to make up for any infertiles under them that we have to remove.  This should increase our hatch numbers.


The latest group of chicks is now about 10 weeks old and man are they pretty!  We got some great colors out of this group and we are really looking forward to seeing how they all mature out.  We already have one we are keeping our eye on for next year’s breeding cockerel.  He is well-built and has a very calm, but confidant disposition.  I must say, my two favorite pullets are the blue splash with floofy cheeks, and the white with red speckles.  Beautiful birds!

2015-06-26 17.08.43

In the Farmhouse

We finished up making all our firestarters.  You can read about that by clicking here.  We ended up making 621.  That should last us almost 2 winters.  It feels good to have those done!

We have been working on several knit, crochet, and embroidery projects.  I finished a gingham embroidered bread cloth:


Oldest daughter made an embroidery case:

20150607_083639_resized 20150607_083736_resized

Youngest daughter finished a pair of knit socks and a knit baby cardigan:

20150607_083559_resized 20150607_083619_resized

We also have several projects currently on the needles that we are working on each afternoon during our down time.

Yesterday we did a freezer crock pot meal cooking day.  We put 27 meals into the freezer!!!  They are crock pot meals, so to use them we just thaw them in the fridge the day before, then plop them into the crock pot the morning we want to use them, turn it on low, and dinner is done!  It is exciting to have so many meals ready to go.

Such a wonderful and productive time of year at the homestead!!!

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