Sunday Homestead Update

It is so very wet and chilly here.  This is by far the wettest May we have ever had.  It’s like we live in the northwest or something.  And I’ve heard the weather in the northwest is beautiful and sunny.  Go figure.

The animals are pretty down in the dumps (well…actually…we are all feeling a bit that way).  They hang out in the stall all day, or try to lay out along the edge of the barn where there is a slight overhang from the roof.  I am so glad the chickens have a nice big covered pen, so at least they can stay dry and have space in the fresh air.  But even they are getting tired of the weather.  Egg production has dropped and is way low for this time of year.


Tundra’s face sums up how everyone is feeling about the rain.  20150522_091930

The ground is beyond saturated.  It is a soupy mess.  The barnyard is the worst.  This is what 75% of the barnyard looks like:


The poor critters sink down to at least their ankles wherever they step.  We are glad to be out of the drought, and getting some moisture.  But I must admit we are all getting a bit tired of it.  Hopefully we will be drying out soon.  Thankfully, so far nothing has flooded.


Yesterday morning we had sunshine for about 3 hours before the rains came back, so we weeded the garden and worked on fixing up the area around the berry bushes.  The carrots, peas, lettuce, beets, turnips, and spinach are all beginning to sprout, but the cold weather has definitely stunted their growth.  Hopefully when it dries a bit they take off and grow like crazy.  The tomatoes and cucumbers in the wall-o-waters are really starting to not do well.  Don’t know if they will make it.  The ground is just too wet and not draining.

When we put in the berry bushes last year we put wire around each to protect them from the kids and dogs running around the yard.  But over time the grass and weeds have moved in close on all the bushes.



So yesterday we pulled the weeds and grass from around the bushes, put down weed fabric, and put some edging bricks around each bush.  We will be adding mulch on top of the fabric later, but wanted to get the weeds and grass taken care of before it got much more out of control.




We need to shift our schedule for starting seeds now that we have the grow light shelving unit.  It works SO well, that I planted too soon for how well it helps them grow.  So even though the squash, pumpkins, and melons cannot go outside for another few weeks, they are big and flowering already.  Next year I can plant them a few weeks later since they grow so much better with the grow light.




The chickens are all doing well.  We butchered our first cockerel hatched this year (in Jan) this week.  The other one hatched in January is still a little too small, he needs a couple more weeks to grow out.

The youngest chicks are 5 weeks old and fully feathered now.  They like to line up on the roost together and it is really cute.


Heritage Arts

The knitting, crochet, and sewing projects abound around here lately since we are all stuck inside with the rain.  The kids all have specific projects they are workings on, as do I.  I have gotten back to the spinning wheel as well, which is very fun.  It has been way too long.  I am working on some wool that I started with over a year ago.  Definitely need to get it finished up!

The only finished project I have to share at this point is another “Welcome to the Flock” hat.  I decided not to make the matching sweater for this purple one.  I am not that fond of knitting color-work, and only do it when I find a project that I REALLY want to have the finished item of.  Between the other sweater and hat, plus this hat, I am just fried on color-work and need to work on something else.  So I have moved on to a different baby cardigan that doesn’t involve color-work at all.

2015-05-20 08.09.42


That’s the update from our little farm.  Hope you are staying warm and dry!  And hope we can say the same soon.



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