Sunday Homestead Update

We are having quite a wet spring.  We have continued to be inundated with rain every day this week, and the weather predictions look like we can expect it to continue.  We have also had some snow and sleet, and a few light frosts and a couple hard frosts.

We have been extremely busy, both with the farm, and with the parts of our life outside of the farm.  Here’s a peek at what has been going on around the homestead:


We put the onions and celery out into the garden this week.  This is our first try of using onions started from seed – our own seed saved from last year, and our first time ever trying to grow celery.  We will see how it goes!


The tomatoes and cucumbers in the wall-o-waters out in the garden seem to have suffered a bit of damage this week with the 2 hard frosts and snows we had.  But they seem to still be alive, so we are hopeful they will be able to come back, just be a bit behind on their growth.

The snow also broke some of the cabbage seedling leaves.  Some are looking very bad, and others not so bad.


The lambs are growing quickly.  We have started creep-feeding them this week.  I’ll post more about that later this week.

2015-05-17 12.18.28


Eve and Lacy’s chicks are growing fast.  They are currently in the half mature feathers/half baby fluff stage and look pretty awful.  But it looks like we will be getting some fun colors out of the bunch.  One of them is a blue splash – we have only had one blue splash hatched on our farm before, so that is special for us.

2015-05-17 11.53.27 2015-05-17 11.54.04 2015-05-17 11.54.36


I finished the most adorable baby sweater and hat set this week.  The pattern is called “Welcome to the Flock” by Julia Farwell-Clay.  With our love of raising sheep, it seemed the perfect pattern to knit up for our upcoming little one.

2015-05-12 11.44.46

I loved it so much I am now making a purple one, since we don’t know if we will be having a boy or a girl.  Whichever one is left over will be an excellent baby gift for family or friends that are expecting.

That’s a little peek into our week.  Hope you are all having a great spring!


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