Sunday Homestead Update

We are buried in snow, but it is melting quickly.  We had a nice spring blizzard drop about 3 feet of wet snow on us, although only about 18 inches of it stuck at any given time because it melted as it fell.  Things are busy around the homestead, but in good ways.

Chicks Hatching

Eve and Lacy both hatched out their broods yesterday.  They each had six eggs left under them after a low fertility count from Rusty.  Eve hatched all six of hers, Lacy had four of hers hatch.  There is quite a variety in colors of the chicks.  I am hoping to get some pictures in the next few days.

Because we had such terrible hatch rates earlier this year, and such a good one this time, we have decided to run one incubation before we finish off our chicken breeding year.  So we have put both breeding group one (cockerel and hens) and breeding group two (rooster and pullets) in separate housing and we will collect eggs from both groups this week and run an incubation starting next week.  This will give us another try at Rusty to see how he does with fertility, and it will answer the question of whether the terrible hatch rates had to do with group one specifically, or if it was just climate related.  Plus, it will give us more chicks to select from, sell, and more cockerels to put in the freezer.

Lamb Update

The little black ewe lamb has a name now, it is Violet.  That was the name of our previous milk cow, who also happened to be solid black, but it just seemed to fit this little girl too so we re-used it.  She and her Mama are out of the jug (stall) now and have re-joined the flock.  The whole flock is still closed in the barn because of the deep snow, but hopefully they will get out tomorrow.  We docked Violet’s tail yesterday.

Lily is growing like crazy, and it is more obvious now that Violet was born.  She is very agile and constantly running, jumping, and playing.  It is adorable!

102_2311 102_2318 102_2322


We were supposed to start some outdoor planting this weekend, but the blizzard put that to a stop.

102_2303 102_2324

So now we are aiming for next weekend.  The weather will decide.

Looking forward to warmer weather this week!

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