Sunday Homestead Update

Stella is showing signs of being in labor.  We are taking turns keeping an eye on her, hoping that we will get to be with her during birth as we did Fiona.

Meanwhile, we are prepping the garden for planting.  We have raked all the pine needles and debris away, loosened up the soil, and we are almost done adding a new layer of compost (from the barnyard) on top.  Depending on the weather, our first cool weather seeds will go in the ground in the next week or two.  Very exciting!

The “artificial greenhouse,” as we are now referring to the downstairs bathroom where the grow shelves and grow box are, is doing excellent.  Some of the tomato plants are way bigger than last year’s seedlings were.  I think the lights and the warm environment are helping.  As we run out of space the seedlings will be moved up into the living room windows, where they will have more varied temperature and light.  I think I will be a good transition for them before we harden them off to go outdoors.


The sheep have formed an interesting habit this week…they lay in the barnyard each afternoon in the same positions.  Lily in front, then Mama Fiona about 10 feet behind her, then Stella 10 feet behind Fiona, and Daphne 10 feet behind Stella.  It is really funny, especially since they have done the exact same thing several times.

photo 2

We had our first taste of sheep’s milk yesterday.  The colostrum finally cleared out and we got a nice, almost half-pint, of milk.  We each took a taste and it was good!  Only one child didn’t like it.  The rest of us felt like it tastes like…milk.  Maybe we don’t have very distinguishing milk taste buds – although we can definitely taste the difference between goat’s milk and cow’s milk.  But the sheep’s milk tasted a lot like cow’s milk, just thicker.

photo 4


I’ll leave you with a cute picture of Lily sleeping in the sun with a smile on her face…it’s my turn to watch Stella.  Hopefully there will be another lamb very soon!

photo 3


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