Sunday Homestead Update

We have been fighting the bitter cold here this week.  A lot of trips to the barn to check water and heaters.

We learned some very important information about the use of the chicken spout (also called chicken nipple) waterers in the wintertime that we will be sharing later this week.


Banana’s hatch was somewhat successful, with 4 chicks hatching.  So far this year has not been very impressive as far as hatching goes.  We are not sure what the problem is, but we are trying to look at the bright side – there is some good natural selection processes going on, so the chicks that ARE hatching are the strongest and best survivors.

The plan was to leave breeding group 1 (hens and cockerel) in the breeding pen for Jan-March, collecting eggs and letting whatever hens would set hatch them.  However, the breeding group is showing signs of stress after 8 weeks of living in the smaller coop.  They have plenty of space, just not what they are used to with free-ranging in the barnyard.  So we have decided to move them back into the barnyard and move breeding group 2 (pullets and rooster) down to the lower coop in the next few weeks.  We need to rate and make final decisions about which pullets exactly will be in breeding group 2 before we move them.  If we decide we want more chicks from breeding group 1 later, then we can always switch them out again in early summer.

Willow Creek Cabin Store

We added new kids’ aprons to the store this week!  We have two new fabric options: multi-colored monsters and pink owls.  They are so cute!  You can visit our store at

102_2186 102_2190


I completed my first pair of toe-up, two-at-a-time socks.  I have always knit cuff down, but the benefit of toe-up is being able to use all of a ball of yarn – you just keep going up the cuff until you run out or it is as long as you want it.  So I was excited to try this technique.  I made some socks for my daughter’s upcoming birthday.

photo 2 (5)

I enjoyed the toe-up method and didn’t feel it was much different than cuff down.  I definitely do not think one is harder or easier than the other.  They are very similar.  This was just a basic toe-up pattern and the yarn is one that has been in my stash forever and lost its label.

I did these on two circular needles, but the next pair of socks I will be trying toe-up but using one set of circulars, using the Magic Loop method.  I am excited to see how that goes.

Wood Shop

My husband and daughter made me this awesome up-cycled mail and key holder for by the front door.  I love the old farm feel of it!  It is made from pallet wood.

photo 4 (2)

We are contemplating offering them for sale in our store.


We are finalizing the last of the garden plans.  Our first seeds will be started indoors mid-March and we are hoping to have the grow shelves built by then.

Another week with a lot of indoor work and planning for spring.  Hoping some warmer weather will come our way soon.

One thought on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. Cute aprons! I tried knitting two toe up socks on a both 2 circular needles and one with magic loop, and I preferred the single needle (less needles flying everywhere!) I’ll be interested to hear your preference. 🙂


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