Sunday Homestead Update

It seems like all I have been able to post lately is updates.  We have been very busy with the adoption paperwork and such, plus working on items to include in the Willow Creek Cabin online store.

We are covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.  And after such a mild winter thus-far, we are really enjoying it.

Banana, our Buff Orpington broody hen, is about ready to hatch…we are so excited to add some new little chicks this week!

photo 3

We are transitioning the sheep onto their end-of-pregnancy diet of alfalfa and some grain as well.  We are starting to see a small difference in Fiona’s belly size and shape.  Nothing major, just noticeable to us, who know her well.  She is the first due, and is carrying twins, so it isn’t surprising she is the first one to show.

We are also planning out how to build the lambing jugs (small stall for a ewe to give birth in and bond with her lamb) and need to get those done in the next couple weeks.  We are going to use pallets to build them.  I will post pictures once we get them done.

We canned chicken and beef stock this week since we were running low.

We have been doing some remodeling in the barn to make it better suit the needs of the direction our farm is going.  There will be more remodeling in the future as well.  For now we have torn out the cow manger and small grow pen and are turning that area into two medium pens that can be used for chickens, mama hens with chicks, bottle lambs, weanling rabbits, etc.  They will be multi-use areas, and the divider between them will be removable to make one larger pen.

I finished a couple more fruit baby hats to add to the store this week.  And apple and a strawberry.

photo 3 (4) photo 4 (3)


And I also finished a baby cardigan.  This is not for the store.  It is for our baby, if it turns out to be a girl.  If not, then I will gift it to someone that has a girl.

photo 1 (4)

We are really excited to have the first batches of yarn from our own flock of sheep!

photo 4 photo 5

The white is from Fiona’s lamb fleece in 2013.  The black is from Daphne’s lamb fleece in 2014.

I did not spin these myself.  We decided to hire them out since I have not been able to spin lately and the fleece are beginning to pile up around here.  We don’t want to get so far behind that I can’t catch up.  I am hoping to start spinning our fleece myself this spring.  But I might not have time…we will see.

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