Mid-Week Homestead Update

While a huge portion of the US has been dealing with terrible winter weather conditions for weeks, here in the Rockies of Colorado we have been experiencing an unseasonably warm winter.  After the bitter cold snaps in December and early January we have been enjoying days in the 40s-50s F and nights no lower than 20F.  We have occasional cold days, but nothing bitter and only one day here and there.  It has been very different, but in a wonderful way.  We have gotten tons of fresh air and sunshine as we spend some time outside almost every day.  It feels almost spring-like.  It will be interesting to see what happens as we continue through winter and into spring.

We are definitely in the lazy days of winter around here lately.  We don’t have much going on around the homestead besides some planning for spring.  It has been nice to be a bit lazy and enjoy the weather.


Eve and her three chicks are doing well.  The chicks are getting their wing feathers.  It is so amazing how fast they grow and feather out.

Banana is happily setting on her clutch of eggs.  Fertility was good on them – at 88%.  So far this year that puts Frodo’s average fertility at 91%, which is good, especially considering he dealt with some frostbite at the beginning of the year.

Farm Dogs

Finley is doing so well with his transition into the barnyard.  I went out and tried to get some pictures of him with Tundra to show how much he has grown.  Of course he is constantly on the move so it was quite a challenge.

102_2087 102_2088 102_2095 102_2115 102_2116 102_2118

He weighs about 35 lbs now and is almost as tall as Tundra.  It will be fun to see how big he ends up being.  He is doing really well with his training and has matured in his behavior quite a bit lately.


I finished my crazy purple socks.  I liked the pattern, but think it would look better with a different yarn, so I will probably try it again with a different yarn in the future.  This was the Skyp Rib Sock pattern by Adrienne Ku, with the OMG Heel pattern by Meghan Williams.  It is the first time I have ever tried a different type of heel and I really loved it.  The yarn was Naked Sock Yarn in the colorway Lilac Road.

photo 2

We will leave you with a pic of the “cat tree”….the milking stanchion that the barn cats all like to hang out on together.

photo 4


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