A Big Hole in Our Hearts

Today, our sweet old dog, Holly, died.  She leaves behind a big hole in each of our hearts, as well as an empty spot at the homestead.  We are so glad she was so healthy and happy right up to the end, and that she has spent the last few months feeling young again as she wrestled and played with the puppy.  It is going to be hard getting used to not having her with us each day around the house.  It is surprising how much you can love a dog, and how much it hurts when they are gone.

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9 thoughts on “A Big Hole in Our Hearts

  1. So sorry to hear about Holly. They do leave a big hole in our hearts when they go…..she looks like she was a beautiful girl….thinking of you in this sad time. Blessings xx. Patti


  2. I am sorry to hear you lost your dog. I always seek comfort in the other animals when I lose one. It doesn’t make me not miss the one I lost, especially if it is one that has been around a long while, but it does help a little.


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