Sunday Homestead Update

Just a quick update this week.  Not much going on.

The main thing we have been anxiously awaiting…Sarah’s hatch, which was supposed to start on Friday, has not started.  We are now on day 23, so we are definitely getting a little worried that they are not going to hatch at all.  We feel bad for Sarah – that she put in all this hard work and might not get anything out of it.  We wish we could go to the store and grab some chicks to stick under her – but that is what we get for trying to hatch in the winter.  We are not sure what the issue is, but we are continuing to hope maybe they are just a little behind.  We will know within the next few days.

The other main news around here is that we have been transitioning Finley from being a house puppy to a barn puppy.  He is about 5 months old now, and it has been going pretty well so far.  He still sleeps in the mud room since it is so cold at night.  We have been very blessed that Tundra, the farm dog, has been taking his job of training Finley very seriously.  We saw Tundra reprimand Finley when Fin got too rambunctious with the chickens.  He also reprimanded Fin when Fin started barking incessantly and for no reason.  Tundra is such an amazing dog and such a blessing to our family.  We are hopeful that Finley can turn out as good as him some day.

Sorry for the short post and no pictures, we will post again later this week with more details about what happened with Sarah’s hatch.

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