Sunday Homestead Update

The warmer weather this week has been such a nice change!  We have been averaging 20-40s during the days.  The kids even played outside a couple of times!  It is funny how we become acclimated to temperatures.  In September a day of 47 degrees would never find my kids outside playing and we would be talking about how cold it felt.  But in the middle of winter a day of 47 degrees finds us outside “enjoying the nice weather.”  Interesting.


Eve, our white silkie hen, decided that she does indeed want to brood despite the cold.  So we got her set up in the Mama Hen Pen with a heat lamp and everything she needs.  She has been happily cuddled down on her 6 breeding eggs for almost a week now.  We candled them for fertility last night and 5 of the 6 were fertile.

photoSarah is continuing to set on her eggs as well.  They are due to hatch this Friday!  We candled them and found 100% fertility.  Yay!  One died early on in the process, so she currently has 11 live eggs under her.  Hopefully next week’s Sunday Homestead Update will include pictures of adorable little chicks under Mama Sarah.

photo 4

Sewing and Knitting

We have continued with our winter handiwork around here.  I sewed a dress for oldest daughter.  It was a new pattern for me.  It was extremely easy, and the finished dress was nice.  I don’t like it as much as some of the other patterns I have used, so I am not sure if I will repeat it, but daughter says it is really comfy, so that is good.  I did really like the pretty flowery turquoise fabric that I found for it.

photo 3 photo 4

The girls have made continued progress on their knit socks, and me on mine and on the sweater I am knitting.  Husband and a couple of the children have been braiding rugs as well.

As the cold weather heads back in this week we will continue to keep warm and cozy indoors while we work on all our projects and wait for the chicks to hatch.

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