Sunday Homestead Update – Last of 2014

We had a wonderful week of Christmas celebrations and fun family time!

Homemade Gifts

Here are some presents I made that I couldn’t post before because the people they were for view the blog:

photo 5 (3)



The pattern for this cowl is Eleanor Cowl by Audrey Knightly.  I used Lion Brand Heartland yarn in the Olympic colorway.  The color is not showing up accurately in the photo, it is a bright blue with slight hints of lighter blue through it.  I made some changes to the pattern to make it shorter since it was a very last-minute knit gift.

The Hens Got the Memo

Apparently the broody hens got the memo that our breeding season has begun.  Last weekend, Sarah decided she wanted to brood some chicks for us.  We tested her out for a few days and moved her to the Broody Coop while we collected breeding eggs.  The eggs were put under her on Dec 26th and she has been huddled down on them ever since.  The countdown has begun!

Eve is also acting broody, so we have moved her to the Mama Hen Pen and as long as she stays serious about brooding we will be giving her breeding eggs on Monday.

It is exciting to be expecting little fuzzy chicks soon as we head into the new year.

We will be reviewing 2014, and making goals for 2015 this week as we begin a new year on the farm.

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