A New Woodstove

We have two wood stoves we use to heat the main areas of our house.  There is one in the dining room, that was inserted into a regular fireplace opening long before we moved in.  There is also one husband installed in the living room right after we moved in to help with the heating costs.  The stove he put in is a little hundred-year-old model that was found buried in the back of one of his relative’s storage garages.  It has served us well the past couple years.

photo 1

Unfortunately, a large crack in the firebox has made it necessary to find a replacement.

We decided to get a wood stove that we have been drooling over for awhile now.  What is so awesome about it is the fact that it looks great in a living room, but functions as a stove top and oven as well if you want it to.  We lose electricity a couple times each winter and this will be excellent to cook on in those times – plus just for the fun of it whenever.  Not to mention heating water for tea on it regularly, and heating water to humidify the room since our climate mixed with using wood stoves to heat causes major dryness.

And more importantly than the fact that we can cook and bake with it is the fact that it is WAY more efficient and will heat that end of the house much better than the old one was and with less wood.  We have been using it for a few days now and have been very surprised at how little wood we have used and how long the heat lasts.

photo 2

We are really excited about this new stove!

4 thoughts on “A New Woodstove

  1. Is that a Vermont Bun Burner? I think that is what it is called. I have seen it advertised in magazines. I have been drooling over that for awhile as well, but I think it is too big for our little cottage. So nice to see you got one. Enjoy!


    • Yes it is. If the layout of our house was more open I think it could handle the job of both of our woodstoves. But it is extremely easy to control the burn so it hasn’t “chased us out of the room” so-to-speak the way the little old one did. The old one would get really hot fast and then really cold fast so we were often either too hot or too cold. The new one is giving us much more control so that it holds a more steady temp for much longer – thus no too hot nor too cold. We are really happy with it.

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