Sunday Homestead Update – Growing Homestead

Homesteading (and life for that matter) is kind of like cooking an intricate meal with many different courses.  You are constantly juggling pots and pans around on the stove, adding ingredients, stirring, moving things in and out of the oven, prepping things on the counter, etc.  Some things move to the “back burner” where they are left, still cooking, but not having any additions or stirring done to them, while other things are brought forward to be stirred and added to.  Resources are put into different things at different times.  And hopefully the meal will all come out well in the end.

We have spent the last 2 1/2 years since we moved to the new farm focusing on growing the farm through building housing, gardens, and fences, learning the ins and outs of different livestock, acquiring and multiplying livestock, and attempting to make it all as productive as possible.  We have also focused a lot of resources into remodeling the old house we moved into.  We have had plenty of experiments, lots of new experiences, successes and failures.  It has been such a wonderful couple of years as we have focused almost all our energy and resources into those aspects of the homestead.

2015 is going to bring growth to our homestead in a different way.  We will be putting those things on the “back burner” so-to-speak.  We will still be raising, breeding, and managing our animals, and growing and producing our own food, but we wont be focusing our energy and resources into it as much as we have been the last few years.  There will be less experiments and new building and more just keeping steady with the things we have already been successful with.

But our homestead will still be changing and growing…

growing by two tiny feet!!!!!

We have begun the adoption process and will be adding another baby to our family sometime this next year!  We are very excited about this adventure and can’t wait to meet our new little daughter or son.  This is not our first time adopting, and we are well versed in the incredible time and financial resources that it takes to adopt.  And that is why the farm side of the homestead will be taking a back burner while we focus on the adoption.

We will be continuing to blog about our homestead adventure here in the high-altitude.  But if the posts seem fewer and farther between you now know why – it is because we are buried in paperwork and appointments to get our new little one home.

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