End of 2014 Chicken Breeding Season Stats

Our chicken breeding season is done.  We have sold and butchered all the chickens we are going to.  We have selected our breeders for next year, as well as some hens we keep just for extra egg production.

We are down to our winter flock of 25 hens and 2 roosters.  We decided to move the two roosters into the lower coop for the winter to give the hens a break from their affection.  A few of their “favorite” girls were getting their backs torn up again since we took the jackets off for the lice treatments (speaking of which, the treatment went fine and it was cleared up quickly).  The two roosters seem content to live in their bachelor pad.

photo 1 (94)The ladies are settling in to having the upper coop, mama hen pen, and barnyard to themselves without the roosters.

photo 2 (91)

It has been a super busy breeding season and we are glad to be down to reasonable numbers and easy housing.  But we are also very pleased when we look back at the numbers for the year.

We set 283 eggs.

We hatched 122 chicks.

We sold 66 chicks right after hatch.

We sold 19 pullets and hens.

And we butchered 35 birds for a total of 90 lbs of meat.

We are entering the 2015 breeding season with 2 breeding roosters and 16 breeding hens.

We are very happy with the successful season, learned a lot, and have implemented changes based on our findings.  We are looking forward to next season.

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