New Additions to the Farm

We have added three new animals to the farm during the month of October.

Since our barn cat, Mattie, disappeared several weeks ago we decided it was time to find some more barn cats to keep the area rodent-free.  We still have our large male, Jerry, but he needed some back-up.  So we adopted Minley and Midnight from a nearby barn.  They are currently living in the larger grow-out pen in the barn while they become accustomed to the new place and meet Jerry through the wire.  In a few weeks we will open it up and let them have the run of the place.  They are currently too camera shy to get good photos of, but maybe I can share some in the future.

The third addition to the farm this month was our up-and-coming farm dog, Finley.  Finley is an Old-Time Scotch Collie (sometimes called Old-Time Farm Shepherd) puppy.  As our current working farm dog, Tundra, is aging we realized it was important for us to start preparing for his successor.  We wanted him to be able to help raise and train the next farm dog, since he has been such an amazing asset to our farm.  We researched many breeds, and landed on the OTSC as the perfect breed for our little backyard homestead.  You can read more about why here.  And you can read about the breed itself here and here.

He is so cute, and proving to be incredibly intelligent already.  He is eager to please, and is settling into the family very well.  He is beginning his life indoors with us, bonding to the family and learning some basic obedience.  We want him well bonded, especially to my husband, so he will desire to please him and protect the farm for him.  Eventually, he will move out to the barn and begin his farm dog training.

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