Sunday Homestead Update

The canning continues around here.  We have put up more home-canned goods this year than we have ever before.  We made a goal to focus on that, and boy it is working.

The green tomatoes from our garden are ripening in the basement quite well!  Our short growing season doesn’t seem to have inhibited our ability to get tomatoes, we just have to go about it in a little bit of a different way.

photo 3 (43)

With the ripening of the tomatoes comes home-made salsa!!!  It includes our own onions, garlic, and cilantro as well.

photo 5 (29) photo 1 (56)

We canned 24 pints so far, and the tomatoes continue to ripen and so we will continue to make salsa and can it.

While we enjoy having the salsa canned to use throughout the year, we absolutely LOVE it fresh!  🙂

photo 4 (40)

We have canned 19 quarts of apples in honey syrup.  We added a bit of cinnamon to it as well.  We use these in the mornings on our oatmeal, yogurt, or cottage cheese for breakfast.  We still have probably another 7 qts of apples to get canned this week from the ones we picked.

photo 3 (45)

We also canned 6 qts of chicken stock.  When we use a chicken I put the carcass back in the freezer and when I have three carcasses I use them to make chicken stock.

photo 2 (55)

We were almost out of stock so this was good timing.

We recently used the last of our ground red meat as well and have been anxiously hoping for husband to fill either his elk or his deer tag for this season.  We are 3 weeks into the season and he hasn’t had a chance yet.  But early this morning he took the boys and they were able to get a nice healthy cow elk.  So our freezer will be full of ground red meat again!  What a blessing.

Last week I showed you a few pictures of our new roo, Frodo.  I was able to get a few more of him “feeding” two of his ladies, Ginger and Lacy.  These pictures show how beautiful his plumage is.  I just think he is such a great looking roo!

photo 2 (57) photo 3 (47) photo 4 (41)

Our second breeding roo for next year is Rusty.  He is more timid and shy, but I was finally able to get a picture of his gorgeous plumage as well.

photo 5 (32)

It is fun having such handsome boys that are such great, gentle roosters.

Next weekend we will be butchering the ram lamb.  We have never done a lamb before, so it will be somewhat of a new experience.  But with all the game animals, plus the calves, I am sure my husband will have no trouble with it.  It will be awesome to stock the freezer with some lamb.  We really enjoy lamb meat.

We also found a farm that raises pigs naturally and we got a hog from them this summer.  We split the meat with husband’s parents.  It turned out to be excellent meat, so we are planning on getting another at the end of this year so we will have natural pork year-round.

It is wonderful to be in a season of storing up as we head into the colder months.  And this year we are quite well stocked, with much of it coming off our own property.  What a blessing!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

    • These boys are both from the second generation of our breeding program. The father on both of them was a Dark Brahma, and I’m not positive on the mother of Frodo, I think she is our CochinX hen, but I know Rusty’s mother is an Americauna.


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