Sunday Homestead Update

Another good week on the homestead!

The harvesting has continued.  We harvested another 3 lbs of purple and green beans.  There were a few yellow as well.

photo 4 (30)

We harvested another 11 lbs of carrots too!

photo 2 (42) photo 3 (35) photo 5 (23)

We were able to freeze 11 cups of the beans and 26 cups of carrots.  We are really enjoying our vacuum sealer for freezing these veggies.


We are one-third of the way through the incubation now.  We checked fertility and 47 out of 49 were fertile.  96%!  So that is a great start.  The chicks from this incubation will all be sold right after hatch to someone who requested them from us.


We are rating, selecting keepers, and selling pullets the next few weeks.  By mid-September we will have the flock culled down to the one main flock we will keep through the winter, plus a group of cockerels that will be ready to butcher early October.  It has been a great breeding season, and we are very happy with how it has gone, but we are anxious to have the flock trimmed down and all living together.  It gets a bit exhausting dealing with multiple pens and shifting everyone around often.  Our goal is to keep two breeding roosters (one to breed the hens and one the pullets), 1 pet roo (Olaf the silkie – I can’t believe we are keeping a pet roo, but he is SO darn friendly and cute and the kids are way attached), 8 breeding hens, 8 breeding pullets, and 11 production hens.  For a winter flock total of 30 birds.  They will all live together through the winter and then we will separate them off into groups when breeding season starts again next year.

There is a crispness in the air here that gives me momentary glances at the coming autumn.  It is hard to believe summer is coming to a close.


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