Sunday Homestead Update

We had a productive week around here.

I finished the chicken jackets and we got them on the hens that needed them.  Here are a few of them:

71114-3 71114-4 71114-5 71114-6

I also finished two adorable summer dresses for my girls.

100_1255 100_1256 100_1258

I loved this pattern – except for the fact that I am not fond of gathering.  It took about 2 hours per dress just to do the gathering.  But the finished dresses made it worth it!  The floor positioning definitely doesn’t do the cute bows in the back justice.  They look so adorable on the girls and they love them.

Husband has been working on the new banister for inside the house.  He has one small section done and it looks awesome!


I also made myself a gathering apron this week.  I found the pattern at  It was very quick and easy.71114-2Speaking of gathering…the pea harvest has started!  We harvested about a quart (once they were shelled) yesterday, not including the many that headed straight into our tummies as we harvested.  We decided to eat them all raw with our lunch.  Nothing like fresh veggies straight from the garden!

I found a great deal on pickling cucumbers at the farmer’s market this week and couldn’t pass it up.  So I spent a day making pickles.

71114-7 71114-8 71114-9 71114-10

I canned 10 pints and 7 half-pints.  The half-pints will go into Christmas gift baskets this year.  We used the sweet spear recipe from the Ball Blue Book.  It is our favorite.  I still need to try to find a dill pickle recipe we like.  Maybe if the prices are good at the farmer’s market next week I will get more and try dill pickles.

Our poor farm dog, Tundra, is still having issues with his ear and the flies eating it.


We have tried several different things the last few days to keep them off it.  We tried all different types of tape – duct tape, medical tape, different self-stick bandage things, and athletic tape (all used with a gauze pad over the actual wound).  None would stick.  We even shaved the ear and they still wouldn’t stick.  We tried sticking them to themselves, like this athletic tape in the picture, but it only stayed on a few minutes.

photo (5)

We tried vet-wrapping the ear to his head.  That lasted about an hour.


You can tell how happy the dog was about all of these things.  He is SO good though, and he just layed there and let us wash it and shave it and bandage it and try all these things on him without so much as getting up or wiggling.  He is the best dog!

We are completely out of ideas.  And we can’t just leave it.  It is getting so bad I literally think they will be putting a permanent hole in his ear within a week if they keep at it.  The salve helps, but we have to re-apply it several times a day and we just can’t get to it often enough.  Our most recent attempt was melaleuca oil (tea tree oil).  I was told it was a great bug repellent and had many properties to heal and protect the wound.  It works about as well as the salve – after a few hours the flies are back on there.  The only other idea we had was to vet-wrap it to his head again and make him wear an e-collar so he cant get the vet-wrap off.  But we really don’t think an e-collar is a good idea to put on a working farm dog.  I have no idea what we will do.

I love how lush and green the garden is looking.  It is so fun to be out in it with all the different vegetable growing like crazy.

photo 2 (17)

photo 1 (18)


photo 1 (20)


photo 2 (15)


photo 3 (13)


photo 4 (11)


photo 5 (7)


What a wonderful time of year!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Homestead Update

  1. Diatomaceous earth is good at killing fleas, but safe for kids & pets We use it on our beagle. We use it on our chickens too for mites. I wonder if you could use liquid bandaid on his sore? Good luck.


  2. The dresses are adorable, and I know what you mean about the gathering. Haven’t done any sewing myself for a long time. Your hens look great in their aprons. Very clever idea! Thanks for posting the pictures. 🙂


  3. I am so behind on reading, I just saw this and if the dog is still having problems, they have pony ear protectors. If you google it for images you’ll see what I mean. You could probably figure out something similar that you could sew that would fit over the dog’s ears.


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