The First Shearing of Oliver – We Need Better Clippers

It was time for Oliver, our new Angora rabbit, to have his first shearing.  We have worked really purposefully at making him friendly and happy to be handled during the last month since we bought him.  We hold him, carry him around, and let him hop and play freely for a while each day.  I have brushed him nearly every day, clipped his nails, and turned him over belly up as well to help him get prepared for being sheared.

So how did it go?  Well, Oliver himself did excellent.  He tolerated the clippers and the shearing extremely well for his first time ever.

But….the clippers didn’t do so well.  I don’t know if they just need a sharpening, or if we need to buy nicer clippers.  They had a horrible time dealing with the thickness of his fur, and in the end I was only able to salvage about half of his “fleece” and he looked like we had tried to shear him with a lawn mower.  We will get the blades sharpened before the next clipping, and if that doesn’t work we will invest in some nicer clippers.  He will be shorn about every 10 weeks, so it will definitely be worth it to have clippers that work well.  So the next shearing we should get to keep a lot more fiber, and he should have a much cleaner, shorter hair cut and look much better…although he is still pretty darn cute!

The good news is that when you are as cute as Oliver, you can pull off just about any hair cut – even a majorly botched one.

Here he is before the shearing:

8First I carefully trimmed his face with scissors, trying to miss his whiskers because that seemed to bother him.

626143Next I ran the clippers straight down his back.  The color difference of his undercoat and outercoat was surprising, the contrast is more than the picture showed.

626141And here the poor guy is afterwards.


photo (4)

The good news is that even with just a few days of growth he is already looking better.  It looks much more even and smooth and he seems happy to have the cooler fur length for the hot summer days.

My husband’s grandpa always said, “the difference between a bad hair cut and a good one is…about two weeks.”  I guess it is true with rabbits as well.

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