Summer Handiwork

Summer doesn’t offer me much time to get any handiwork done.  But I have been working on a few projects in small moments here and there and thought I’d share them today.

I finished my gingham embroidered bread cloth.  I really enjoy gingham embroidery, it is super simple, but looks very intricate.

100_1202 100_1203

I decided to use the homespun merino/angora yarn that I made earlier this year to make a couple of earwarmer headbands.  The yarn is so super soft it just had to be made to touch the face.  Both of them are based on the pattern called Irish Hiking Earwarmers, but both deviate from that pattern.  One of the headbands in a bit narrower, and with the wider one I added a taper for the base of the neck so it won’t be so big underneath the hair.  I am really happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to try mine out in the cold weather this winter (not that I am wanting to rush the arrival of winter!).

100_1198 100_1199

I have also been working on spinning the hand-dyed Superfine Merino my husband bought for me last winter.  I am really liking how the colors are coming out with the single-ply and I am hopeful when I double it I will still enjoy the colors.

100_1208I will continue my work on this yarn, as well as probably start a pair of knit socks.  It is nice to have a few things to work on when the thunderstorms come through, or the afternoon heat chases us inside.  Granted, up here in the mountains our concept of “afternoon heat chasing us inside” is nothing compared to what most of you deal with.  😉


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