Homemade Body Products

I have contemplating making my own body products for a long time now.  Finally, last week, I decided to set aside a day and do it.  I found some recipes I wanted to try, gathered the ingredients together, and then the kids and I spent Friday making them.

We made deodorant, shaving cream, lotion, and Gardener’s Hand Scrub.


Opinions on the products are mixed.  I wondered, when I saw most of them used coconut oil, whether they would be too greasy for my taste.  I was right.  The deodorant and shaving cream were a thumbs down from me.  My husband hasn’t tried them yet, but I am expecting him to feel the same as well.  But you never know, maybe he will like the added moisture when shaving his face (well really, his neck, just a little, he has a beard, but shapes around it).


The Gardener’s Hand Scrub, which I found at Little House Living, was a hit with everyone.  With working with livestock, gardening, and playing outside we wash our hands a LOT, which in our dry climate means we often have dry, chapped, cracked, and sometimes bleeding hands around here.  When our hands seem dry we have been washing them like normal, rinsing, and then getting a gob of the scrub and rubbing it all over, and then rinsing it off in warm water.  The results are soft, smooth, moisturized hands.  My husband and oldest son worked laying tile all last week, between the tile cement and grout their hands were destroyed.  They both were really happy with the scrub.  And they followed it up with the lotion.


The lotion is definitely too greasy for my taste, but for my husband and son after destroying their hands laying tile it was just the ticket to fixing their skin.  This recipe I also found at Little House Living (link above).  It is also the perfect lotion for my youngest son’s skin.  He has African skin and keeping his skin looking hydrated and healthy can be tricky sometimes.  But this lotion is working great for him and he likes the texture.


So, it looks like switching over completely to homemade body products is not something that is going to work for us, unless we find just the right recipe.  But we are happy with the few treasures we did find and will be making plenty of them in the future.

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