A Tiny Room

I have a tiny room.  It is tucked in behind my laundry room.  It has a window that looks out on the back yard, so I can watch my kids play and see my chickens scratching around in their pen.


It is my OWN space.  My heritage arts/crafting room.  I love this tiny space.  It holds all my favorite (earthly) things.  Like my sewing machine, serger, baskets full of yarn, an awesome set of drawers my husband made to hold all my tools and notions, spools of ribbon, piles of fabric, boxes of patterns, rubber stamps and card-making supplies, and more.  It is a perfect little space.





The only problem is…it is yellow.  A completely tolerable color – and thus the reason it has stayed yellow this long…but not a color I am very fond of.

3 4 18

So a few weeks ago, as we waited for warm weather to hit so we could be outside enjoying the farm, garden, and nature, we decided to take time to organize and paint my tiny room.  I picked a pale plum and a dark plum color because I love purple, and interestingly, one of the colors I chose happened to be called “inspiration,” which is exactly the feel I want in the room.

My awesome husband decided to build me a big, beautiful work table with some shelves under it.  It is a wonderful space for all the things I want to do in the room.

I still need to gather a few more baskets and bins to go on the shelves to organize all my stuff, but other than that it is finished!  And so much greater than before.

So, are you ready for the big reveal?  Drumroll please…

31 34 35 37 38 39Some of the pictures make the purple look pinker than it actually is, but you get the idea.

I have been loving my new tiny room where everything has a place and is organized and where the color feels great!

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