Sunday Homestead Update – Spring in the Rockies

Yesterday we were in our t-shirts and jeans working on garden construction and today we are buried in snow.  That is spring in the Rocky Mountains!

100_1013We made great progress in the garden.  The upper terrace is constructed, and the planting boxes on it as well.  We also were able to get about 2/3 of the garden boxes’ soil amended – because of the soil disaster last year.  So only 1/3 of the soil still needs work and then we are ready to plant.  Plus we need to finish the walkways at some point, but that isn’t necessary for planting.  We are way ahead of schedule since we don’t plant outdoors till mid May, which is such a nice change of pace.  Last year we were scrambling to get done as much as possible just so we could plant on time and we ended up not finishing all of the construction and planting late anyway.  It is hard in spring because you never know which weekends will be snowy and which will be nice.  This year we decided as soon as we had a dry weekend with reasonable temps we would start the garden and work on it any warmish dry weekend until it was done.  So far so good.

We were so busy working on the garden that I forgot to take pictures of it.  But I took some today…with it all covered with snow.

100_1002 100_1009 100_1010


The animals are all staying high and dry in the barn as the snow flies.  Tundra is in his position as look-out from the dryness of the sheep stall door.

100_1017 100_1018

A few days ago I had a chance to get some pictures of Eve with her chicks enjoying a puddle of sunshine coming into their pen.  I could watch them all day long.  It is so cute.

100_0953 100_0957 100_0974 100_0982 100_0993 100_0995 100_0998


As you can see, all is well with the little family.  It won’t be long before the chicks are bigger than their mama.  For now we are enjoying the cuteness.  She has been a good broody mama and we are hoping she will continue to raise chicks for us for years to come.  I am hopeful one of the silkie chicks we bought this year is a hen and that she will be a good brooder too, like Eve.

Another blessed week on our homestead!

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