2014 Garden Season is Underway

This morning, as you were going about your business, did you hear what sounded like a huge cheering crowd that was very VERY far away?  Did you pause for a second and listen hard, thinking “what the heck was that?”

That was us.  Hootin’ and hollerin’ in joy as we planted the first seeds of the year.  We really love to garden. 🙂

It is official…the gardening season has started.  Granted, there is snow on the ground…but technically we have inserted seeds into dirt (indoors), so it has started.  We have watched as everyone else has started their seeds, and even planted outdoors already, all the while dreaming of when it would be our turn.  Well, here it is.

We started our cabbage and herb seedlings in trays indoors today!  Yay!

A friend gave us a grow light box thingamajig (that’s the technical term for it, by the way).  So, being that we have an inability to fight our curious scientific brains, we of course had to make an experiment out of it.  We have put half the seedlings in the grow light box and we have put the other half in the window where we normally start seeds.  We will see how it goes!  Here is the grow light box thingamajig:

3 2

And here are the seeds in the window, while the snow gathers outside:


I also decided it was high time to get control of all our seeds.  They currently live in their seed envelopes, in glass canning jars, in the door of the extra refrigerator.  But I am tired of trying to squeeze them in and out of the jars, and the disorganization of it all.  I went online and checked out how others were organizing their seeds, and then I found some boxes that were just the right size at the store and got them all organized.

6 5I made divider cards and for the garden season they are separated by the month we need to plant them and then in the off-season I will divide them by type so we can easily see what we have and what we need.  We have four of these boxes full and they stack nicely too.  It feels great to have that all sorted and taken care of.

We had some warmish weather come through and were able to start some work on the last garden terrace and boxes that need to be built this year.  It will be so wonderful to have the garden construction complete and have all that planting space!  In the foreground of these pics you see the boxes we built and planted last year, and up in the back you can see the new construction.

photo 1 photo

Lastly, a bit of bad news about the garden plans.  Last year we put some beet and carrot roots in a root-cellar type situation (a repurposed little dorm fridge) so that we could re-plant them this year and have them go to seed.  From what I read we couldn’t leave them in the ground because it just gets too darn cold here for too long to do that.  So we put them in sand and in the “root cellar” and kept the temperature at about 35 and the humidity at about 80-90%.  We were bummed to find out that the roots turned to mush and cannot be used to save seeds.  We don’t know why or what went wrong.

Back to the drawing board.  We might try leaving them in the ground outside this year over the winter to see if they can survived, or maybe some other plan.  Sometimes learning to homestead is a bit discouraging because we are learning by trial and error and the error part is a bummer.  But we will press on and figure this out.

We will continue starting more and more seeds indoors and working on the garden construction on nice days as we inch closer and closer to actually being able to plant outdoors.

Let the garden season begin!!!


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