Lamb Creep Feeding Pen

Just when husband thinks he is finished tweaking the barn and building new pens and housing, we change things up a bit and he finds himself back out in the barn building something.  Such is homestead life I guess.  Good thing we both love it so much!  He enjoys the challenge of figuring out how to build what we need, and usually do it with left-over/recycled materials, and I love what he builds.  Win-win 🙂

A few weeks ago he built the Mama Hen Pen for the brooding hens, and then right after that he built the Creep Feeding Pen for the lambs.

With the two new weanling lambs at the farm we needed a way to feed them separately from the ewes since they need alfalfa and a grower feed and the ewes eat grass hay and no grain.  So he used the wood partitions that we used to use to close the calf off the cow at night and set them up so that only the lambs can fit through the opening into that area.

photo 3

It worked wonderfully and all the sheep are getting the right feed in the right amounts.  Plus, it is easily removable so when we are done with it it can be put away for next time.

Thanks hubby for your hard work building this farm!

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