March/April Fiber Focus

This month’s Fiber Focus was a complete disaster.

My first attempt at knitting something substantial with my homespun has been a complete flop.  I was going to take my hand-dyed BFL that I spun back in November and make it into a scarf.  The pattern called for 196 yards, I had 222 yards.  My gauge was pretty close to what was listed, and since it was a scarf I didn’t think it mattered much to be off a little.  Well, I got it very close to done, and it wasn’t long enough!  It was about 10 inches to short to even be a short scarf.  I was so disappointed!  I tore it all out, and then redid it with different sized needles.  After about the first 10 inches it was clear that it still wasn’t going to end up long enough.  So I tore it out and decided I need to find a different pattern.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten it finished.  So my knitting focus – while I did focus on it and put in many hours, was a bust.

I did, however, finish a different knitting project that wasn’t my focus.  I have always wanted to try my hand at knitting flip top mittens.  So I made a pair to go with the scarf that I have to remake to give to my BFF who is moving to a colder climate soon.  The first pic shows them flipped as mittens and the second shows them when they are flipped back.

15 18

As for my spinning focus – I was going to work on spinning the Lincoln Longwool my husband bought back in November.  I got it about 1/4 done and then tweaked my back and haven’t been able to sit at the wheel since.  I will say that the time I spent working on it was very different.  It has a very long staple length and a very hair-like texture, so it was completely different from anything I have spun before.  It took getting used to and I felt like I was back at the first day of learning to spin.  Towards the end of what I did get done I was starting to get the hang of it and it was becoming more even.  But the texture did not make spinning very enjoyable.  I am glad that our own Lincoln Longwool sheep’s wool doesn’t seem to have the same texture as this store-bought stuff.

So…..What do I have planned to focus on for April?

Well, I would like to try (again) to finish the homespun BFL scarf.

And I am not going to even try to spin until my back is better, so if I do get any spinning done in April it will be the icing on the cake.  No spinning focus this month.



3 thoughts on “March/April Fiber Focus

  1. The flip-flop mittens are gorgeous!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who tears my projects out and starts new ones… 🙂 You actually made me feel better. I am working on the second sock of my 3rd pair of socks and it’s going to take me forever, because it is very tedious. But I decided to start a hooded sweater that I’m very excited about. It will be my first attempt at knitting something that big. Other than that I bought some Ashford dyes to try out on a whole bunch of hand spun skeins that I have stored away for a long time. It will be fun, I hope! 🙂


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